Focus on What Matters

Manage Classes, Staff & Collect Tuition

Manage your childcare center's staff, family & payments in one place.

Set Up Your Childcare In 3 Easy Steps


Add Enrollment

Add child profiles and their guardians. For prospective children, capture their tour schedules and maintain a wait list for enrollment.


Set up Your Classes

Create programs and classes, assign staff, class rates and add children to classes. Check the staff to children ratios, print attendance sheets and schedule events.


Add Staff and their Work Schedules

Add your staff, and maintain their certifications, pay rate, work schedules and assign them to classes.

That Sounds Easy, But What Else?

No Software Installation Required

SkyChildCare runs in the cloud on our secure and reliable servers, so you don’t have to mess with anything technical — No “IT” guy required. Don’t spend any more money on buying software, complicated installation headaches, and annual hardware and software upgrade costs. All you need is access to a modern desktop browser, on your Mac or PC, such as IE11+, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Online Guardian Enrollment

Parents can fill out the initial form to reserve the child's class, and subsequently, fill in the complete enrollment packet online. Maintain enrollment packets and wait lists for parents touring your center.

Manage Your Classes

Easily add children and staff to classes, and visually monitor schedules, staffing ratio's, and children eligibility on one screen.

Automate Tuition Collection

Automate tuition collection through ACH (eCheck Debits) or credit card transactions at the time of enrollment or when checking out a child. Receipts are mailed to the parents and you avoid third party fees, trips to the bank and reduce security issues with collecting cash or live checks.


Your data and financial transactions are safe and secure with SkyChildCare. We continuously back up your data, and provide bank grade security to your financial transactions. We use the same technology as banks, governments and the US military to protect your information and prevent unauthorized access. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about hackers — keep your focus on running the best childcare center that you can for your children.


Be alerted to notifications, such as, children who are too old to be enrolled in their current class, billing issues such as expired credit cards or declined charges and, reminders to renew immunization records.

Manage Cash Flow

Stay on top of collections by generating and emailing invoices, receipts and customer statements. Receive tuition payments without chasing late payments, bounced checks or handling cash. Create financial reports to check the health of your childcare and email parents their end-of-year tuition summary for tax purposes.

Check In/Out

Easily check in and out children and staff, perform roll call and generate reports for the children, staff, payroll, and center.

Send Text Messages to Guardians

Contact your guardians and staff through text messages, emails and pre-recorded audio broadcasts. Messages can be sent to individuals, or entire groups - such as all guardians with children in a specific class.

Core Features

All plans include core features, such as the ability to manage enrollments, classes, collect tuition electronically, dashboards, and check in/out. SkyChildCare applies a transaction fee for collecting tuition.

  • Dashboards

    See enrollment and staffing metrics on a single screen. All reminders and urgent messages are prominently displayed for action.

  • Parent Self-Enrollment

    Email parents a link so that they can enroll their children online. Electronically collect the registration fee, and submit new children into an enrollment queue.

  • Family Management

    Maintain an enrollment queue of prospective children, schedule tours, instantly check for available spots, and easily move children from a wait list to a class.

  • Classes

    Maintain a class roster, staff list, tuition rates, and keep an eye on staff-to-children ratios. Easily drag and drop children from one class to another to maximize your childcare capacity.

  • Collect Tuition Electronically

    Maximize your cash flow by collecting tuition via eChecks (ACH debits) or via credit card transactions. Tuition is deposited to your account within a week and you can generate financial reports for the center as well as email end-of-year tax-related childcare expense forms to parents.

    SkyChildCare applies a transaction fee for collecting tuition. This fee is 1% on all ACH (eCheck) transaction, 3% on Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, and 4% for American Express credit cards.


Ideal for Home Childcares




(Credit Card & ACH Transaction Fees Apply)
Core Features +

Family Management

Track guardian details, including pickup lists, and medical and contact information for the child


Collect tuition by cash, eCheck or credit cards

Ideal for Drop-In and Small to
Medium-Sized Childcares




(Credit Card & ACH Transaction Fees Apply)

Bronze Features


Staff Management

Track staff schedules, contact and licensing information


Text / Voice / Email

Send email, text messages or
call guardians


Tablet Check In

Check in/out guardians and staff from iPad or Android tablets

Ideal for Large and Multi-Center Childcares




(Credit Card & ACH Transaction Fees Apply)

All Bronze & Silver Features


Multi-center Support

Multi-center reporting for
up to 10 centers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any hidden fees?

    There are no setup or other hidden fees. You pay the subscription fees for the plan you have selected, and other than standard bank fees for eCheck (ACH) debits and credit card transactions, there are no other third party fees.

  • No contracts, and you own your own data.

    Select the free Bronze level or pay month to month on the Silver or Gold level. We would hate to lose you, but if you decide to leave, please ask us to send you an export of all your data.

  • Can I change my plan later?

    You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. We have no contracts, so change your mind as often as you want.

  • Which plan is the best for me?

    Start with the free plan and you can always upgrade to any other plan at any time. If you have more than one staff member, the Silver plan will allow you to schedule staff members and track their check in and check out times for payroll purposes. Best of all, our plans have no contracts — so upgrade or downgrade a plan at any time without a penalty.

  • I have more questions, how can I reach you?

    We are available on Twitter for support or sales related questions at @SkyChildCare, but do check out our great video tutorials to help you get started; and discover short-cuts to make your life easy.

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